If you are preparing to file insurance claims for your damaged rooftop, contact us for help.Miami is home to erratic weather, especially throughout the spring and hurricane season. With thunderstorms and hurricanes all possibilities, storm damage to roofing systems is common. But homeowners are not well-versed in the complex process of filing claims and often lose out the financial benefits they are entitled to. We’re here to help.

When to Call

The first mistake most homeowners make is waiting to call for a roof inspection. Unless there is obvious damage like a leak or puncture, they may choose to wait until the problem becomes clear. But that can be too late. As soon as a storm passes through your area, you should look for signs that your topside surface may have been damaged.

These signs include:

• Dents in your vinyl siding or car
• Visibly missing pieces of roofing material like shingles in your yard
• Fallen branches on the rooftop
• Neighbors having repairs or roof replacement done

Even if none of these signs is clear to you, it is in your best interest to call for an inspection shortly after severe weather passes. Although your insurance company may give you several months to file insurance claims, letting just a few weeks pass can make it difficult to prove the damage was caused by a storm. Contact us immediately for your inspection.

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