To give you a better understanding of exactly how Foremost Public Adjusters will work with you and your insurance company on your claim, below we have detailed a typical claim process.

Foremost Public Adjusters inspects your property, evaluates your loss, reviews your insurance coverage and prepares a written estimate to substantiate your loss.

Foremost Public Adjusters files your claim with your insurance company.

Your insurance company will review the claim, and assign a field adjuster to inspect your property and evaluate the loss.

Foremost Public Adjusters will coordinate with your insurance company and meet with their field adjuster at your property at a time convenient for you.

Foremost Public Adjusters will submit the written estimate to your insurance company. This estimate will include a detailed inventory of your loss along with the estimated costs to repair and replace your damage.

Your insurance company will review their field adjusters report along with Foremost Public Adjusters’ estimate. At this point the insurance company will respond to your claim by either proposing a settlement offer or denying the claim outright.

Foremost Public Adjusters will respond to your insurance company’s settlement offer negotiating the best settlement for you, our valued customer.

In situations where your insurance company’s settlement offer is substantially less then Foremost Public Adjusters proposed settlement offer, we will request that the insurance company pay the undisputed amount immediately while our team navigates the policy to best settle your claim.

Our professional staff of Public Insurance Adjusters is available throughout the claim process to assist you and address any questions or concerns you may have.